4TH Annual All Things Cannabis Hemp Festival on Saturday, April 18 at Uncle Roberts

Fourth Annual All Things Cannabis Hemp Festival



…always in memory of “Uncle Billy” LeVan

Uncle Robert’s * Kaimu-Kalapana * April 18, 2020

Laulima Pahoa 501(c)(3) * (808) 936-9546

Email: firstannualallthingscannabis@gmail.com

February 25, 2020

Dear Colleague,

Please plan to join us for the Fourth Annual All Things Cannabis Hemp

Festival on Saturday, April 18, 2020 in beautiful Kaimu-Kalapana (Big Island,

Puna District). The event will be held at Uncle Robert’s Awa Bar from noon

until pau, and will feature speakers, exhibits highlighting the many uses of


We plan to have presentations and small group discussions regarding the

medicinal, industrial, spiritual and recreational uses of this remarkable plant.

Legal, social and political issues will be discussed as well. There will be

vendors, food and music and fun education for everyone.

We are looking for sponsors for this popular event – your name will be on the

full-color full-size posters as well as the Tshirt. If this is something you would

be interested in, your participation in our event would be most welcome.

Please contact me at 808-936-9546 or email your logo and commitment to

donate ASAP to firstannualallthingscannabis@gmail.com!

Mahalo nui,

Sara Steiner

Sara Steiner

Chair, Laulima Pahoa


If this is something you would be interested in your participation in our event would be most welcome. 


Please contact Sara Steiner at 808-936-9546 or email AllthingsCannabis@gmail.com for more information. 


  Laulima Pahoa volunteers from right to left: Elizabeth "Ziji"  Kerekgyarto, Chris and Thom Gagne, Patty and Dennis Kroh, Vincent  Callagher, Sharon Lewis, Sara Steiner and "Super Kenny" Peeler.


Pahoa Second Saturday Nite Live!

We are currently looking for a New Venue and Will Renew Second Saturday Activities Soon!


Nonprofit Laulima Pahoa is looking to recruit volunteers for our next community project,  Pahoa Second Saturday Nite; Live!  Once we are up and running, around October, there will be free (limited) seating tickets available for the live monthly performance.  

Come and join us and see why Pahoa is proving to be the place for great free 

entertainment at Mainstreet Pahoa’s once-a-month Second Saturday Art & Music Walk!

We’re searching for comedy and local current news scriptwriters, character performers, costume, stage/lighting, gofers and organizers.  Remember, Laulima has basically no budget, we are all volunteers.  Our goal is to do fun things to promote understanding and togetherness in our community, on a shoestring, and many hands really do make light work! 

**Our independent producer, Elizabeth “Ziji” Kerekgyarto, is just about pau with her final episode of “From Pahoa With Lava”, Laulima’s 6-month Pahoa lava documentary. Check it out along with her other films online and available on demand at Na Leo Public Television.org. There is also a link provided below.

If you are interested in joining us for Laulima’s next project, signups for auditions will be taken August 10th and September 14th at the Pahoa Senior Center from 3-8pm.  While you are here check out our houseband, The Geckos, playing from 5-8, joined this month by Infamous David G!

After signing up to volunteer, and your family and friends can wander around Pahoa Village, at least 10 venues have free music and activities every Second Saturday. 

If you cannot join us in person or for more information about Pahoa Second Saturday Nite Live!, 

send your questions to 


or contact us through our 




Thom Gagne

Laulima Pahoa,

Musical Director

Learn More

 If you cannot join us in person or for more information about Pahoa Second Saturday Nite Live!, send your questions to 


or contact us here though our website LaulimaPahoa.org  'Contact US' Link.

From Pahoa With Lava

Community nonprofit Laulima Pahoa is pleased to announce it’s partnering  with the County of Hawaii Parks & Recreation Department and  Mainstreet Pahoa to return to the Pahoa Senior Center starting second  Saturday, December 8, 2018, at 12 noon with informational sign-ups and  volunteer recruitment activities for our new ongoing documentary project  “From Pahoa With Lava!” which will be produced by independent  filmmaker, Elizabeth Kerekgyarto. The show will be aired on Na Leo   Community Public TV as a monthly feature, with a “1 Year After - Lava  Party” on Saturday, May 4, 2019. Afternoon music will be provided by the  Laulima house band, The Geckos.

From Pahoa With Lava will challenge lava refugees and other residents  impacted by the recent lava flows to create and share their artistic,  expressive, musical, dancing or other process the journey brought out by  having a volcano erupt out of our backyard and swallow entire  communities within several months!

The “challenge” is turning all our shock and awe, loss, struggles and  victories into a painting, poem, song, dance or other performance action  to share with your friends, family, our island and the greater  universe.  Residents are still suffering through various stages of  grief, and it is hoped this project will help us all by offering a safe  venue for expression as well as provide spontaneous connections and new  opportunities to support our healing as a community!

The schedule will be as follows: Second Saturday, Dec.8 will be open for  questions and answers and collecting performance sign-ups and volunteer  recruitment and banner painting.  Thereafter the first Saturday of each  month (January 5th through April 6th) will be for interviews and  filming with special live audience viewing areas.  The second Saturday  of each month (Jan 12 through April 13th) will be ongoing documentary  question/answers and sign-ups for the following month’s filming and  other Laulima Pahoa projects coinciding with Pahoa Second Saturday Art  & Music Walk.

For more information on “From Pahoa With Lava” email laulimapahoa@gmail.com  or see our Facebook page.  To volunteer your time, energy ,  organizational talents or money sponsorship for the production of “From  Pahoa With Lava” please email us, go to LaulimaPahoa.org, Facebook or  come to the Pahoa Senior Center this Saturday, December 8th between 12 noon and 6 pm.  

See you in Pahoa! 


Here are the air dates for “From Pahoa with Lava”:

Channel 53

Fri.,        2/1       11:00am

Sun.,      2/3       12:30pm

Tues.,    2/5          9:00am

Thur.,    2/7          5:00pm

Channel 54

Thur.,     1/31      6:30pm

Sat.,         2/2     10:00am

Mon.,      2/4       2:00pm

Wed.,      2/6       8:00am


Or watch on Na Leo TV Website - Click on link below to watch online


Participant Questionnaire and Release Form

Each participant needs to print out a questionnaire/release form fill it  out completely and sign it  then you can either email to laulimapahoa@gmail.com,  drop off at Senior Center on Second Saturday or bring to Music Monday at Seaview Pavillion.  

Please, click on the download link below  to download the form