4TH Annual All Things Cannabis Hemp Festival on Saturday, April 18 at Uncle Roberts



Laulima Pahoa was established after a group of volunteers met each other and worked together to produce Pahoa's Got Talent on October 8, 2016.  That group of friends was then going to focus on revitalizing the Akebono Theatre to become the premier of entertainment showcase in Pahoa.  Tragically, the theatre and entire Luquin's Mexican Restaurant caught fire and was destroyed in January 2017, and those Akebono plans have been in a holding pattern until Salvador Luquin is able to recover enough from the fire as well as the 2018 lava flow and government bureaucracy. 

Almost all of the current membership and volunteers for Laulima Pahoa were evacuated or under threat from the lava, and we lost members who relocated.  Our County of Hawaii venue was used as the emergency evacuee shelter for the last six months and we are just now getting back to monthly activities which is the point I am finally getting to... if YOU (family units encouraged) have time on First and/or Second Saturdays of each month to physically assist in our newest project "From Pahoa With Lava", please download and complete the volunteer registration below and come see us on Saturday, December 8th.  


There will be plenty of work to do to organize this project to produce a quality offering for our community. We also are in desperate need of a grant writer/administrator on staff, which would be self-funded through their efforts, and would allow Laulima Pahoa to expand it's art and music and other community projects.  Join us today!!!

Volunteer Form

Volunteer application (pdf)